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Rian Rakang (Blok Niyom) – Luang Por Kasem – Year 2516 B.E. – Made of COPPER

Name: Rian Rakang Blok Niyom
(Bell Shaped Medallion, Popular Mould)

Blessed by: Luang Por Kasem

Temple: Susarn Thai Lart, Lampang

Year: 2516 B.E. ( 1973 A.D. )

Material made: Made of COPPER



Known as Rian Rakang and it is the official 2nd Issue Medallion blessed by Luang Por Kasem.

Highly prominent and sought after! By far one of the most recognizable medallions made in the history of Thai Amulets!

Condition is beautiful and original with the texture properly preserved!

Highly worthwhile for wearing and collecting due to its well known efficacy and its collector’s value!

When asked why did Luang Por kasem made this batch of medallions at such a unusual shape.. Luang Por Kasem replied that he wishes that with the blessing of the medallion he has consecrated, the bearer would be as “DANG” *(literally translated as loud in Thai but also has the meaning of popular/successful) as the Bell (Rakang) of the temple!

This superb medallion is one of Luang Por Kasem’s TOP TIERED amulets and medallions! YET it is priced very accessibly, reflecting its undervalued status as a highly collectible top tiered amulet that holds great potential for future appreciate!

Beautifully framed in a custom made SOLID GOLD framing!


Interested in any of our items?

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