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Rian Phra Chinnaraj Pim Sema – Luang Pu Suk – Year 2461 B.E. – Wat Poh Tharam

Name: Rian Phra Chinnaraj

Blessed by: Luang Pu Suk

Temple: Wat Poh Tharam, Nakhon Sawan

Year: 2461 B.E. ( 1918 A.D. )

Material made: Made of lead


Excellent and original condition!

This beautiful medallion was made more than 100 years ago as a fund raising for the construction of a school and also the commemoration of Wat Poh Tharam, Nakhon Sawan.

Blessed by Luang Pu Suk along with multiple other holy monks and it was given to individuals involved in the holy event.

The medallion features the image of Phra Chinnaraj which is the center figure of Thai Buddhism.

Inclusive of a custom made solid gold casing!


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