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Roop Lor Somdej Toh (100th Year Anniversary Batch) – Wat Rakang Kositaram – Year 2515 B.E. – Made of NAWALOHA

Name: Roop Lor Somdej Toh Loi Pee
(100th Year Anniversary Batch)

Blessed by: Mass consecrated by more than 100 top monks

Temple: Wat Rakang Kositaram, Bangkok

Year: 2515 B.E. ( 1972 A.D. )

Material made: Made of NAWALOHA


It is blessed in one of the grandest ceremonies that was ever taken place in the history of Thailand.
More than 100 top tiered monks of the era was present during the consecration ceremony.
It was made in commemoration of Somdej Toh’s 100th Year Anniversary since his passing in Year 2415 B.E..

The ceremony was such an important event that even the King (RAMA IX) and the Queen (Sirikit)
graced the ceremony!

Condition of the item is beyond immaculate. Absolutely tip top without any damage or flaws!
DOUBLE BITEC 1st Prize Award Winner which further cements this piece as one of the most
beautiful pieces made as it was competed twice in one of the biggest competitions in the industry!

Inclusive of a custom made SOLID GOLD framing!



Interested in any of our items?

Contact us today! ☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️

?PM us :

?Call us : +65 6533 1160
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