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Rian Phra Phutta Sothorn Sorng Nah 1st Issue (Pim 5-7, 5-7) – Year 2497 B.E.

Name: Rian Phra Phutta Sorthorn Sorng Nah Pim 5-7 5-7 Wong Waen
(Image of Luang Por Sothorn ; Two Sided ; 5-7 5-7 Variant with Ring)

Blessed by: Mass Consecrated

Temple: Wat Sothorn Woraram Worawihan, Cha Choeng Sao

Year: 2497 B.E. ( 1954 A.D. )

Material made: Mixture of Alloys



What is featured here is probably the most iconic amulet to be ever distributed from the temple of Luang Por Sothorn.

Blessed in an extremely grand ceremony that took place on the 3rd of November in Year 2497 B.E. (1954 A.D.).
The batch of amulets were created for the purpose of renovating and reconstructing parts of the temple. The holy monks that were invited to participate in the ceremony are among the top tiered holy monks of the era.

A few notable holy monks were:

1. Luang Por Chaeng, Wat Bang Phang, Nonthaburi
2. Chao Khun Rachamoli, Wat Rakangkositarm, Bangkok
3. Luang Por Nor, Wat Klang Tha Rier, Ayutthaya
4. Luang Por Them, Wat Phra Loy, Suphanburi
5. Luang Por Lhai, Wat Rach Bam Rung, Chonburi
6. Luang Por Kluen, Wat Sang Kho, Suphanburi
7. Luang Por Khaen, Wat Khao Yit Toh, Prachinburi
8. Luang Por Yim, Wat Phai Lorm, Chantaburi
9. Luang Por Huad, Wat Bang Kra Bue, Samut Sakhorn
10. Luang Por Sarm Nieng, Wat Weruwanaram, Nakhon Pathom
11. Luang Por Horm, Wat Chak Mak, Rayong
12. Phra Sangkaraj, Wat Sarm Phantawong, Bangkok
13. Luang Por Aan, Wat Phrayatikaram, Ayutthaya

and many more..

This featured piece is known as the 5-7 5-7 Variant and it is one of the top tiered variant of the entire batch of amulets made. There are 6 variants made in total.

Many may be confused as to why is it called 5-7 5-7 and what does it mean. It is actually simple and straightforward.
There are two sides of the medallion and both features the image of Luang Por Sothorn.

The number 5-7 5-7 derives from the dots found on the top two segments of Luang Por Sothorn’s head on each of the side, hence the term 5-7 5-7.

The condition of the amulet is well preserved and and beautiful.

It is difficult to properly articulate how incredibly collectible it is for this particular item.
It can be highlight via:

1. Rich history as one of the preeminent Buddha Images of Thailand!
2. Rich history of more than 66 years and counting!
3. One of the top tiered variant!

Luang Por Sothorn amulets are highly revered for its efficacy. It is the preeminent Buddha Image for countless businessman and people from all walks of life to pay respect to and to acquire blessings!



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