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Rian Maha Larp (Blok Niyom) – Luang Por Phrom – Year 2516 B.E. (Popular Mould Variant)

Name: Rian Maha Larp (Great Wealth Medallion)

Blessed by: Luang Por Phrom

Temple: Wat Chong Kae, Nakhon Sawan

Year: 2516 B.E. ( 1973 A.D. )

Material made: Made of Copper



Out of all the medallions blessed by Luang Por Phrom, this featured batch is easily one of the most prominent and most iconic medallions to be made!

Who is Luang Por Phrom? He is a holy monk that resides in the Nakhon Sawan Province. Most of his life is spent ordained as a member of the Sangha and doing good while cultivating.

He passed away at the age of 91. That was more than 40 years ago. His body is currently housed in a glass coffin. The remarkable thing is that there are no signs of decay. None at all. Not only that, his nails and hairs are growing little by little every year! It is a widely known fact that he has since became an Arhat (he who gained insight into the true nature of existence and has achieved Nirvana).

This beautiful medallion is known as Rian Maha Larp, also known as the Great Wealth Medallion. It was consecrated in a grand ceremony in Year 2516 B.E. in a very auspicious day known as “Wan Sao Har”.

There are 3 different variants made:

1. SILVER – 300 pieces made
2. COPPER with GOLD PLATING – 1,000 pieces made
3. COPPER – 5,000 pieces made

This featured piece is made of COPPER with 5,000 pieces made in the world. However, this particular piece is the “BLOK NIYOM” variant which makes it extremely collectible!

What makes this piece even more collectible will be its immaculately preserved texture! It is one of the pieces we have ever encountered with the most pristinely kept texture and pieces like this do not appear often!

Highly recommended and collectible! Priced extremely reasonable for an amulet with a 50 year old history!


Interested in any of our items?

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📞Call us : +65 6533 1160
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