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Rian Luang Por Sothorn – Luang Pu Waen – Year 2517 B.E.

Name: Rian Luang Por Sothorn

Blessed by: Luang Pu Waen

Temple: Wat Doi Mae Pang, Chiang Mai

Year: 2517 B.E. ( 1974 A.D. )

Material made: Made of Copper with Black Oxide Plating



This beautiful medallion depicts the image of Luang Por Sothorn, one of the most important Buddha images of Thailand.

Luang Por Sothorn amulets are highly revered for its efficacy. It is the preeminent Buddha Image for countless businessman and people from all walks of life to pay respect to and to acquire blessings!

Made in Year 2517 B.E. in a grand ceremony presided by Luang Pu Waen along with many other highly prominent holy monks.

It was jointly spearheaded by a committee looking to raise funds for the construction of Stupa.
The committee consists of Phra Ajahn Thong Juer of Wat Pak Nam, Khun Loong Kaew, Khun Dekha and Doctor Suphod.

Apart from looking to raise funds for the construction of the stupa, the medallions created will also serve as a gift in celebration of Luang Pu Waen’s age and longevity. Parts of the funds raised will also be going to the construction of a bridge at the entrance of Luang Pu Waen’s temple, Wat Doi Mae Pang, so as to better facilitate the convenience of devotees visiting the temple for future generations to come.

The back of the medallion features Luang Pu Waen in a meditative posture, with something all forest monks would carry, an alms bowl and a kettle by his side. The two items also symbolizes to always provide opportunities and abundance to the people is in possession of the amulets.

The condition of the amulet is beyond conventional excellence. Absolutely no signs of wear or damage with the overall texture immaculately preserved despite being almost 50 years old!

It is also extremely important to note how UNDERVALUED it is for an amulet of such amazing merits and historical value.

We cannot properly emphasize how we recommend this particular medallion to be in the possession of any individuals looking for a fantastic piece to wear or collect!


Luang Pu Waen is know as “The monk who meditates in the sky”..

Ordained as a novice monk since the age of 9, Luang Pu Waen lived most of his life as a highly cultivated holy monk, whom many believed to have attained the state of an Arahant. He passed away in Year 2528 B.E. (1985 A.D.) after approximately 90 years of monkhood.

Living in rural Chiang Mai, though exceptionally well known among locals, fame was never something pursued by Luang Pu Waen.

However, as fate would have it, he was spotted meditating in the sky by a Royal Thai Airforce pilot while flying his aircraft over Doi Mae Pang, Chiang Mai and it propelled Luang Pu Waen to be one of the most recognized holy monks of Thailand


Interested in any of our items?

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