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Rian Lor “Lor Mek” – Luang Pu Tohk – Year 2521 B.E. – Made of NAWALOHA

Name: Rian Lor “Lor Mek” 1st Issue

Blessed by: Luang Pu Tohk

Temple: Wat Pradu Chim-Plee, Bangkok

Year: 2521 B.E. ( 1978 A.D. )

Material made: Made of NAWALOIHA


What’s featured here today is undoubtedly one of Luang Pu Tohk’s highly iconic amulet:
Rian Lor “Lor Mek”!
The word Lor Mek literally translate to an Alloy Wheel and it’s unsurprising to see why.
Casted in a primitive and sacred method of casting in one of top Royal Temples of Thailand: Wat Suthat and it was eventually made into 4 types of materials: 
1. Gold
2. Silver
3. Nawaloha 
4. Kanlonghin
This beautiful piece with any hint of wear or damage is made of NAWALOHA and there were 5,000 pieces of such examples made.
The image of this amulet is so prominent in the industry that numerous amulets of other temples soon follow similar designs!
Condition of the amulet is absolutely beautiful with the overall texture beautifully preserved despite having a history of 40 years! 
Priced extremely well and is an excellent candidate to be a near-future evergreen amulet due to its highly iconic image!
Inclusive of a vintage styled gold framing! 


Interested in any of our items?

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