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Rian Jao Suah Sorng Wat Klang Bang Kaew – Mass Consecrated – Year 2535 B.E. – Made of NAWALOHA (Only 7,230 pieces made in the world)


Name: Rian Jao Suah Roon Sorng Wat Klang Bang Kaew
(Jao Suah Medallion, 2nd Issue, Wat Klang Bang Kaew)

Blessed by: Mass Consecrated by more than 70 Holy Monks

Temple: Wat Klang Bang Kaew, Nakhon Pathom

Year: 2535 B.E. (1992 A.D.)

Material made: Made of NAWALOHA



What is featured here is easily one of the MOST ICONIC and MOST RECOGNIZED amulet in the entire Thai Amulet Industry! The name “Rian Jao Suah”, which derives from the Teochew dialect and became part of the Thai Language by wealthy Chinese immigrants, quite literally translates to “Magnate/Tycoon Medallion”.

The reason why? It was said that the “Rian Jao Suah” medallions were the preferred choice of amulet worn by many wealthy and highly successful businessman, hence the name was coined by locals decades ago.

This beautiful piece is known as “Rian Jao Suah Roon Sorng” (Jao Suah Medallion, 2nd Batch), otherwise known as the successor of the original 1st Issue “Rian Jao Suah” created and blessed by Luang Pu Boon of Wat Klang Bang Kaew, Nakhon Pathom, in Year Approx. 2477 B.E. (1934 A.D.). The 1st Issue “Rian Jao Suah” can easily fetch up to millions of baht (approximately SGD$120,000 ++) depending on its material and condition!

This particular batch of medallions known as “Rian Jao Suah Roon Sorng (2nd Issue)” were blessed in an extremely grand consecration ceremony in Year 2535 B.E. (1992 A.D.) for the sake of raising funds for the construction of “Phra Phutta Withi Nayok” museum that is located within the compounds of Wat Klang Bang Kaew, Nakhon Pathom.

The committee in charged of procuring the materials for the creation of “Rian Jao Suah Roon Sorng (2nd Issue)” took a long and painstaking effort to collate the materials that will be used:

1. Alloy slates from the TOP TIERED Phra Kring (Medicine Buddha) amulet of Thailand.
2. Hand Written Yantra by the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand, Somdej Sangkaraj Yannasangwon
3. Hand Written Yantra by Luang Por Kasem, Luang Pu Taek, Por Than Kling, Luang Por Koon
4. Alloys slates from the era of King Naresuan that dates back to more than 400 years ago

and many more..

More than 70 TOP TIERED Holy Monks participated in the extremely grand consecration ceremony:

1. Somdej Sangkaraj Yannasangwon – Wat Bowon Niwet Wihan, Bangkok
2. Luang Por Cher – Wat Klang Bang Kaew, Nakhon Pathom
3. Luang Por Cham – Wat Don Yai Horm, Nakhon Pathom
4. Luang Por Tao – Wat Koh Wang Sai, Nakhon Pathom
5. Luang Por Yah – Wat Tha Karm, Nakhon Pathom
6. Luang Por Lek – Wat Nong Din Daeng, Nakhon Pathom
7. Luang Por Poon – Wat Phai Lom, Nakhon Pathom
8. Luang Por Dee – Wat Suwanaram, Nakhon Pathom
9. Luang Por Pern – Wat Bang Phra, Nakhon Pathom
10. Luang Por Phut – Wat Klang Bang Phra, Nakhon Pathom
11. Luang Por Uttama – Wat Wang Wiwek Karam, Kanchanaburi
12. Luang Por Nah – Wat Nong Buah, Chai Nat
13. Luang Pu Krum – Wat Wang Wa, Rayong
14. Luang Por Prasit – Wat Sai Noi, Nonthaburi
15. Luang Por Mee – Wat Man Vichai, Ayutthaya
16. Luang Por Yod – Wat Kaew Chareon, Samut Songkram
17. Luang Pu Phaew – Wat Tanod Luang, Phetchaburi

and many more..

There were a total of 4 different material variants made:

1. SOLID GOLD – 700 pieces made in the world
2. SILVER – 6,685 pieces made in the world
3. NAWALOHA – 7,230 pieces made in the world
4. COPPER – 9,000 pieces made in the world

Currently, the SOLID GOLD pieces commands a market value of around 1,000,000 baht (approximately SGD$40,000++).

This featured piece is made of NAWALOHA.

The condition of this particular piece is amazing to say the least! Immaculate condition and no signs of wear at all!

The “Rian Jao Suah Roon Sorng” medallions are to be crowned as one of absolute EVERGREENS of the entire market and what’s a better time to collect this beautiful piece than now when the price is still accessible?



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