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Phra Somdej Prok Poh – Luang Por Pae – Year 2514 B.E. – Made of Ner BAILARN (1st Prize)

Name: Phra Somdej Prok Poh
(Lord Buddha Meditating under a Bodhi Tree)

Blessed by: Luang Por Pae

Temple: Wat Pi Kul Thong, Singhburi

Year: 2514 B.E. ( 1971 A.D. )

Material made: Made of NER BAILARN (Ancient burnt scriptures)

Remarks: 1st Prize Award Winner.

Made in very limited numbers and it is the top tiered variant for the Year 2514 B.E. Somdej Prok Poh.

This beautiful amulet is made of NER BAILARN.
It is made of burnt ancient scriptures mixed with herbs and holy components thus resulting in a blackish/dark grayish texture.

It is the rarest and most sought after variant among the batch of amulets.

Phra Somdej Prok Poh is widely accepted as one of the preeminent features of Buddhist amulets:

It is depicts Lord Buddha attaining enlightenment whilst meditating under a Bodhi Tree.

Condition is absolutely immaculate and it is 100% unworn. 
Almost 50 years of history yet unworn and in such pristine condition is an extreme rarity!



Interested in any of our items?

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