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Phra Somdej Chiang Sen “Chun Doo Hwan” – Luang Pu Tohk – Year 2522 B.E. (1st Prize)

Name: Phra Somdej Chiang Sen “Chun Doo Hwan”

Blessed by: Luang Pu Tohk

Temple: Wat Pradu Chim-Plee, Bangkok

Year: 2522 B.E. ( 1979 A.D. )

Material made: Made of a mixture of sacred materials and holy components

This is a piece that veteran collectors pay a great attention on.
It is not east to come across a beautiful piece due to its excellent history of offering great protection
to the bearer thus resulting in most pieces damaged or worn.

Little known about this batch of amulets is that it was very, very well blessed. and veteran collectors could sworn on its efficacy.
It was blessed for two years by Luang Pu Tohk and proceeds of the amulet distribution went to building Wat Tham Singh Toh Thong.

It was well documented that 999 pieces of this batch of amulets were given to King Rama 9.

When the past president of South Korea, Chun Doo Hwan visited Thailand, and was given this exact piece of amulet.

Chun Doo Hwan later went to Burma and was ambushed by militants. Many of his colleagues died but he survived.
News of this matter was splashed across newspapers.

The efficacy of the amulet was said to have protected Chun Doo Hwan, hence the name Phra Somdej Chiang Sen “Chun Doo Hwan”.

It was made of special minerals, holy materials and filings from Phra Kring Sai Fah which made the item even more sacred.

Made in Year 2522 B.E., and as spoken, it is of much difficulty to come across a piece 100% unworn and in an excellent condition.

Inclusive of a CUSTOM MADE SOLID GOLD framing!


Interested in any of our items?

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