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Phra Sangkachai with Holy Relic – Luang Pu Waen – Year 2517 B.E. (Only 227 pieces made in the world)

Name: Phra Sangkachai with Holy Relic

Blessed by: Luang Pu Waen

Temple: Wat Doi Mae Pang, Chiang Mai

Year: 2517 B.E. ( 1974 A.D. )

Material made: Made of a mixture of holy materials



Perhaps one of the most prominent yet highly undervalued amulets consecrated by Luang Pu Waen of Wat Doi Mae Pang, Chiang Mai.

Notice the white colored stone-like item embedded on the middle of the amulet?
It is, in fact, not a stone. Rather, it is a Holy Relic, also known as Sarira embedded on the amulet.

The Holy Relics or Sarira are found on cremated ashes of attained Buddhist Masters.
It was documented that after Lord Buddha’s passing and cremation, 84,000 portions of Sarira were discovered and subsequently distributed and housed in stupas all over the world.

This beautiful and holy item was made using traditional methods and the materials used for the construction of the item is astounding.

Mixed within are:

1. Remnants of 10 Different types of Ancient Amulets
2. Holy Water from 10 Different Holy Sites
3. Holy Powder/Material collated from 20 Holy Monks

Condition of this item is very very pristine! Overall texture is beautifully preserved with absolutely no signs of wear or damage! A truly stunning piece! 

Every piece is hallmarked with a serial number making it easy for identification and it come confirmed to have only 227 pieces made in the world!

Serial number for this item: Number 12 out of 227 pieces.

Highly undervalued and it is a superb piece to be worn or to be in any collection!


Luang Pu Waen is know as “The monk who meditates in the sky”..

Ordained as a novice monk since the age of 9, Luang Pu Waen lived most of his life as a highly cultivated holy monk, whom many believed to have attained the state of an Arahant. He passed away in Year 2528 B.E. (1985 A.D.) after approximately 90 years of monkhood.

Living in rural Chiang Mai, though exceptionally well known among locals, fame was never something pursued by Luang Pu Waen.

However, as fate would have it, he was spotted meditating in the sky by a Royal Thai Airforce pilot while flying his aircraft over Doi Mae Pang, Chiang Mai and it propelled Luang Pu Waen to be one of the most recognized holy monks of Thailand


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