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Phra Leela 25 Phutta Sattawat – Mass Consecrated – Year 2500 B.E. (Very rare and special variant)


Name: Phra Leela 25 Phutta Sattawat

Blessed by: Mass Consecrated by 108 Holy Monks

Temple: Wat Suthat Thep Wararam, Bangkok

Year: 2500 B.E. ( 1957 A.D. )

Material made: Made of a mixture of holy materials



Blessed in the greatest and grandest consecration ceremony in the history of Thailand! Made in commemoration of the 2500th Year of Buddhism and to raise funds for the construction of “Phutta Monthon”, a Buddhist Park located in the west of Bangkok.

The consecration ceremony took place in Wat Suthat Thep Wararam, and 108 Holy Monks were invited for the consecration ceremony. A notable few were:

1. Luang Pu Nak, Wat Rakang Kositaram
2. Luang Por Zhong, Wat Nah Tang Nok
3. Luang Por Ngern, Wat Don Yai Horm
4. Luang Por Tae, Wat Sarm Ngam
5. Luang Por Plien, Wat Dai
6. Luang Por Chaeng, Wat Bang Paeng
7. Luang Por Lee, Wat Asokaram
8. Luang Por Klai, Wat Suan Khan
9. Luang Pu Jai, Wat Sadej
10. Luang Por Hiang, Wat Pah Aran Yikawat
11. Luang Por Pae, Wat Pi Kul Thong
12. Luang Por Ruung, Wat Thah Kra Buer
13. Luang Por Horm, Wat Chan Mak
14. Luang Pu Aunt, Wat Phra Yatikaram
15. Luang Por Lek, Wat Bang Nom Kho
16. Luang Por Thong Sook, Wat Tanod Luang
17. Luang Pu Nai, Wat Bang Chaeng
18. Luang Pu Thian, Wat Boaht
19. Luang Pu See, Wat Sakae
20. Luang Por Thop, Wat Chon Daen
21. Luang Pu Tohk, Wat Pradu Chim Plee
22. Luang Por Jahn, Wat Klong Ra Nong
23. Luang Por Nor, Wat Klang Tha Rier
24. Luang Por Phra Kru Maa
25. Phra Achran Sah, Wat Rath
26. Phra Kru Fuang, Wat Sam Phan Tha Wong Seh
27. Luang Por Phak, Wat Bung ThongLang
28. Chao Khun Jhia, Wat Phra Chetu Phon
29. Phra Inda Samajahn, Wat Intarawihan
30. Chao Khun Phon, Wat Nang
31. Luang Pu Puerk, Wat Mo Lee
32. Luang Por Thaen, Wat Thamma Saen
33. Luang Por Buddha, Wat Klang Choo Sri Chareon Sook
34. Luang Por Theera, Wat Pah Le Lai

… and many more.

The material used for the creation of the amulet consists of:

1. Earth from the “4 Pilgrimage Site of Buddhism”

Bodh Gaya – Buddha attained Enlightenment
Lumbini – Birthplace of Buddha
Sarnath – Where Buddha delivered his first teaching
Kusinagara – Where Buddha died and attained Nirvana

2. Holy soil from Phutta Monthon’s location

3. Broken pieces of Somdej Wat Rakang, Bangkhunphrom, Wat Keat Chaiyo, Soom Kor, NangPhaya, Phong Suphan, Phra Rod

4. Soil from all prominent temples across Thailand.

5. 108 types of flowers and herbs from all prominent temples across Thailand



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