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Phra Kru Wat Thai Talart Pim Oum Baht (Wednesday Buddha) – Year Approx. 2360 B.E.

Name: Phra Kru Wat Thai Talart Pim Oum Baht
(Lord Buddha Holding Alms Bowl ; Wednesday Buddha Image)

Blessed by: Mass Consecrated and presided by Somdej Phra Phuttakosachan Kun

Temple: Wat Thai Talart

Year: Approx. 2360s B.E. (1800s A.D.)

Material made: Made of a mixture of sacred and holy components



What you’re looking at is an Antique Amulet that is almost 200 years old.

It is known as Phra Kru Wat Thai Talart, Pim Oum Baht.
It translates to, Amulet of the Wat Thai Talart Stupa, Image of Lord Buddha Holding The Alms Bowl (Wednesday Buddha).

According to historical records, it was consecrated in a Grand Ceremony in approximately Year 2362 B.E. (1819 A.D.) by Somdej Phra Phuttakosachan Khun, whom was one of the most cultivated and respected monk of the era.

Materials used in the making of the amulets were of utmost historical and spiritual value!

The important information to note is that the amulets of Wat Thai Talart were found inside different Stupas excavated at different times. It is essentially generalized into Kru Gao (Old Stupa) and Kru Mai (New Stupa).

Kru Gao pieces are known to be extremely rare and the most sought after among collectors. This particular piece is the Kru Gao variant. 

This particular amulet features Lord Buddha when he is seeking alms during his many pilgrimages. Seeking alms is not only for his sustenance but it’s also for other layman to have the opportunity to make merits.

It is also known as the Wednesday Buddha in the Buddha images featured in different days.

The image of seeking alms is very well received among collectors as it signifies abundance.

Inclusive of a custom made SOLID GOLD framing!


Interested in any of our items?

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