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Phra Kring Luang Por Sothorn “Yor Sor Sor” Batch – Blessed by Somdej Sangkaraj Yannasangwon – Year 2533 B.E. – Made of SOLID GOLD (Temple Committee Variant ; Serial Number: 80)

Name: Phra Kring Luang Por Sothorn “Yor Sor Sor” Batch

Blessed by: Mass Consecrated and Presided by Somdej Sangkaraj Yannasangwon

Temple: Wat Bowon Niwet Wihan, Bangkok & Wat Sothorn Woraram Worawihan, Cha Choeng Sao

Year: 2533 B.E. (1990 A.D.)

Material made: Mixture of SOLID GOLD



An extremely collectible piece made in SOLID GOLD!

Known as the “1st Issue” Luang Por Sothorn amulet to be blessed by Somdej Sangkaraj Yannasangwon and distributed from Wat Bowon Niwet Wihan, Bangkok.

Blessed in an extremely grand consecration ceremony in two different locations, Wat Sothorn Woraram Worawihan and Wat Bowon Niwet Wihan. More than 80 holy monks participated in the consecration ceremony presided by Somdej Sangkaraj Yannasangwon.

Somdej Sangkaraj Yannasangwon was the supreme patriarch, the highest ranking monk of Thailand.

During his more than seventy years as a monk and novice, Somdej Yannsangwon has held a variety of posts in the Thai ecclesiastic hierarchy. In these roles, he has always been concerned with promoting education, both religious and secular. He has assisted in the founding and construction of numerous schools, as well as sponsoring campaigns to build schools, temples, and hospitals in rural communities.

As abbot of Wat Bowon Niwet Wihan, he oversaw the renovation and expansion of this famed century-old monastery. Long interested in the meditation techniques of the Thai forest monks, Somdej Yannasangwon has helped make his temple residence a center for meditation study and instruction in Bangkok, himself delivering lectures on meditation and Buddhist teachings on two Uposatha days each month.

The creation of this particular batch of cast images of Luang Por Sothorn were spearheaded by the highly decorated former Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Army, Chavalit Yongchaiyudh. All funds received from this project were directed to the construction of Wat Laem Bon Sai Chon, Rangsi.

This particular piece featured here is the “Temple Committee Variant” with one additional insignia hallmarked at the bottom of the amulet. An extremely rare SOLID GOLD variant piece that is made even rarer with an even lower number of pieces made!

The condition is spectacular with every single detail fully casted in a near perfect and flawless casting!

We cannot emphasize how extremely collectible this particular piece is! It is definitely not a frequent occurrence to encounter a SOLID GOLD variant of this highly important batch of casted images!

Collecting a SOLID GOLD amulet made by great holy monks from well known temples is like having the best of both worlds!

Not only are they well blessed with high spiritual value.. an amulet made of SOLID GOLD further cements its position as the most sought after variant of the amulet with the highest collector’s value as they are mostly made in extremely limited numbers due to the high cost involved in producing an amulet made in SOLID GOLD!



Interested in any of our items?

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📞Call us : +65 6533 1160
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