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Phra Kring Awalokitesvara 1st Issue (Tibetan Goddess of Mercy) – Luang Por Kasem – Year 2518 B.E. – Made of NAWALOHA (Only 999 pieces made in the world ; Inclusive of the ORIGINAL TEMPLE BOX)

Name: Phra Kring Awalokitesvara 1st Issue (Tibetan Goddess of Mercy)

Blessed by: Luang Por Kasem

Temple: Susarn Thai Lart, Lampang

Year: 2518 B.E. ( 1975 A.D. )

Material made: Made of NAWALOHA



An amazing sight to behold..

This featured piece is one of the most important cast amulets made by Luang Por Kasem!

Luang Por Kasem is known as one of the most respected holy monks of the Northern Provinces of Thailand. Luang Por Kasem always abides to strict cultivation to attain enlightenment. He famously quoted that a monk needs nothing but his saffron robes and his alms bowl.

Born as a descendant of Lampang’s royal family, he has blood of royalty running in his veins yet he gave up all material comforts for the sake of his cultivation and assistance to others.

This beautiful cast image is arguably and in my opinion, the most beautiful cast amulet made by Luang Por Kasem! Condition is excellent and original with all important features beautifully casted. Due to the nature of the primitive method used to cast these images around half a century ago, many of the pieces are found with incomplete features. These incomplete pieces represent a majority percentage of the entire 999 pieces made. Only a minority percentage of pieces managed to be casted with complete features!

This particular piece is flawlessly casted with COMPLETE FEATURES! The texture is also magnificently preserved with no signs of wear or damage!

Amulet as such, are casted using primitive casting methods that involved the pouring of molten alloy into casting mould which will then form the shape of the item. Due to the primitive nature of such casting methods, there are a lot of inconsistencies. 

Air pressure which causes bubbling occurs during the casting process making most pieces having a rough and uneven surface with even some items missing important details thus effectively rendering the item “damaged during the casting process”.

To find one piece as this item featured here, in such an immaculate condition, is of incomprehensible difficulty. Noticed the stunningly intricate details found throughout this beautiful piece? It is a typical example of sheer luck with the right amount of molten alloy being filled in the cast to have COMPLETE FEATURES and also preventing bubbles from forming on the surface of the amulet!

Blessed in a grand ceremony in year 2518 B.E. (1975 A.D.)! The images depicts one of the most well-known bodhisattvas of Buddhism, Avalokitesvara, also known as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion!

In Buddhism, Avalokitesvara s a bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. He has 108 avatars; one notable avatar being Padmapani, the one who holds the lotus. This bodhisattva is variably depicted, described and portrayed in different cultures as either male or female. In China, Taiwan and other Chinese communities, Avalokiteśvara has evolved into the somewhat different female figure Guan Yin or Guan Shi Yin, also known as Kannon in Japan. 

Only 999 pieces of such specimens were ever made. It is truly a rare and iconic piece! Highly regarded and sought after in the eyes of countless collectors all over the world!

There will be no argument to say that this particular batch of Year 2518 B.E. 1st Issue piece is the TOP TIERED Phra Kring Awalow/Avalokitesvara image in the entire Thai Amulet industry!

For an amulet of such rich historical, cultural and collector value, we cannot properly emphasize on how undervalued it is! It is a piece we recommend greatly!



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