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Phra Kleep Buah Chah Nam Mon Sib Sarm Pim – Luang Pu Tohk – Year 2468 B.E.

Name: Phra Kleep Buah Chah Nam Mon Sib Sarm Pim
(One of 13 Amulets Soaked in Holy Water, Lotus Petal Mould)

Blessed by: Luang Pu Tohk

Temple: Wat Pradu Chim-Plee, Bangkok

Year: 2468 B.E. ( 1925 A.D. )

Material made: Made of Ner Pong Itti Jae

Remarks: Actual 1st Batch of amulets made by Luang Pu Tohk.
A total of 13 different variants were made, and this item featured here is known as Phra Kleep Buah.
Shaped like a Lotus Petal, it is one of the more iconic pieces in the whole batch.

Seasoned veterans will always take a lot of notice for this batch of amulets.
It is one of the highly undervalued batches of amulet yet extremely rich in
historical and collector’s value.

The material, Ner Pong Itti Jae, is generally the highest possible standard of curating the best
possible material for a powder form amulet.


Inclusive of a CUSTOM MADE SOLID GOLD open/close casing!


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