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Locket King Rama V (King Chulalongkorn) – Luang Por Kasem – Year 2534 B.E.

Name: Locket King Rama V (King Chulalongkorn)

Blessed by: Luang Por Kasem

Temple: Susarn Thai Lart, Lampang

Year: 2534 B.E. ( 1991 A.D. )

Material made: Locket with Holy Materials filled at the back



This unique amulet features the image of King Rama V, otherwise known as King Chulalongkorn.

King Chulalongkorn was the fifth monarch of Siam under the House of Chakri. He was known to the Siamese of his time as Phra Phuttha Chao Luang (พระพุทธเจ้าหลวง, the Royal Buddha). His reign was characterized by the modernization of Siam, governmental and social reforms, and territorial concessions to the British and French. As Siam was threatened by Western expansionism, Chulalongkorn, through his policies and acts, managed to save Siam from colonization. All his reforms were dedicated to ensuring Siam’s survival in the face of Western colonialism, so that Chulalongkorn earned the epithet Phra Piya Maharat (พระปิยมหาราช, the Great Beloved King).

– excerpt from Wikipedia (

What makes this amulet unique is not only it’s design.. It is the Holy Materials filled at the back of the Locket.
The Holy Materials are ancient amulets that were found in Pagodas and Temples of Thailand. Many of the ancient amulets were damaged due to the highly primitive method of placing them within enclosed spaces. Thus, instead of discarding the broken and damaged ancient amulets, they were mixed into the back of the Locket.

Extremely rare as only 100 pieces were made in the world!

Inclusive of a custom made SOLID GOLD framing with colored enamel design!


Interested in any of our items?

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