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Phra Kring “Pan Tarm Leung Thong” – Luang Por Ngern – Year 2513 B.E. – Made of SILVER

Name: Phra Kring Pan Tarm Leung Thong
(Great Fortune Buddha Image)

Blessed by: Luang Por Ngern

Temple: Wat Don Yai Horm, Nakhon Pathom

Year: 2513 B.E. ( 1970 A.D. )

Material made: Made of Silver

Remarks: One of the most sought after amulets made by Luang Por Ngern.
It features a unique image depicting Lord Buddha based on the Lopburi style of Buddha Images.

The name “Pan Tarm Leung Thong” abstractly translates to “Great Fortune“.

Blessed by one of the top monks of the Nakhon Pathom province.
Made in commemoration of Luang Por Ngern’s 80th birthday celebration.
Extremely rare silver variant with only a minimum amount of pieces made.
Condition of the item is absolutely tip top and almost flawless.

One of our best recommendations for an item rich is historical, cultural and collector’s value.
Very reasonably priced. Inclusive of a custom made GOLD framing!


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