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Phra Pidta “Plod Nee” Yant Nah – Luang Pu Tohk – Year 2521 – 2523 B.E. – Ner BAILARN

Name: Phra Pidta “Plod Nee” Yant Nah

Blessed by: Luang Pu Tohk

Temple: Wat Pradu Chim-Plee, Bangkok

Year: 2521 – 2523 B.E. ( 1978 – 1980 A.D. )

Material made: Made of Ner Bailarn (Burnt Scriptures) with one Silver Takrut.



One of the most coveted Phra Pidta of all of Luang Pu Tohk’s amulet collection.

Condition is very original with all features and texture beautifully preserved.

Made of burnt scriptures and sacred materials. Known as Ner Bailarn. Its one of the highly sought after variant of the batch.
One silver takrut is embedded at the bottom of the amulet.

The name “Plod Nee” is literally translated to “freeing oneself from all kinds of debt”.

It was blessed and soaked in holy water for 3 years before the distribution of the amulet.

The long duration of the blessing translated to countless bearers and collectors commending its efficacy!

Inclusive of a custom made SOLID GOLD open/close casing!


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